Our story

Lambda Vacations is a small team of young mindset and enthusiastic travellers who have been working in Travel Industry for nearly 10 years. We travelled to some countries around the world, and found out that there are more enchanting things to see in each destination than just popular attractions and famous restaurants. It’s the hidden corners of the cities, the friendly people and the untold stories that go beyond any popular guide books you might find on the shelves.

We also realize in-depth experiences are something a wise traveller would look for during his journey. Therefore we come to together as a team of same interest, and commit to ourselves to bring alive high quality and handicrafted travel experiences through sharing our destination knowledge and genuine care.

Our inspiration

Your travel memories are created with hand-picked accommodation, authentic gourmets, local characters and unique experience. Our mission is not only to offer travellers the holidays of a lifetime but also to blow a personal touch into each and every touring moment of our clients. We love wandering around our hometowns, search and share with you the most traditional aspects of local life and fun activities.

Vietnam is set to become the next destination for gay travellers. It is our Pride to be one of the first DMC in Vietnam to officially introduce our country as a safe and friendly destination for LGBT community. We advocate for removal of the travel barriers and appreciate the diversity of our employees, products and customers.

Our difference

  • Real insiders: we will not say we are experts, but we are confident to become your trip insiders who know the destination as the back of our hand. We understand local culture, history, traditions and people, simply because we are a part of them. Each of your interest and concern will be listened carefully and catered delicately.
  • Individuality: all the experiences arranged for you have been personally picked and tasted by our team members. The itineraries and services are individualized in line with your interest and desire. We highly value the concept of travel by passion, and aim our services to privately tailor-made activities.
  • Around the clock support: time zone is something you will not need to worry about when working with us, since we are there almost 24/7 to support you. Our nightshift team of sales and customer care is always available to catch your requests and solve your travel problems.
  • LGBT focus: some of our key members come from LGBT community, and we truly appreciate that, because it will bring us a thorough understanding of how the community travel, as well as which elements can be best suitable and safe for our special customers.

Our beliefin giving back

We treasure in giving back to the community and support the idea of equality and freedom to all genders. We pursue the goals of bringing positive impact on the communities in which we operate. For us, luxury travel does not only mean world class accommodation and high end experience, but it is linked to sustainability in mind. We prefer local guides, which benefits the community economically and also in allowing them to show travellers their land on their own terms. The accommodation we choose need to commit on using sustainable fuel sources and reducing as much as possible any negative affect on the environment.

It is no doubt that Vietnam is rapidly adapting the gay world as a part of the community, but, basically speaking, gays, lesbians, trans and others still have to struggle a lot for their common rights such as same sex marriage, child adoption, etc. , which are apparently need to be legalized by the Government. In some rural areas, gay people, especially trans, are still suffering from discrimination. From the establishing of Lambda Vacations, we have set a goal of supporting all the campaigns which stand for LGBT rights, and contributing our voice to persuade for the recognition of LGBT rights.