Vietnam best beaches and when to go

Besides the thousands-year-old rise-and-fall history and the rich traditional culture, Vietnam is no doubt to be well-known for its long stretches of sunny coastline from north to south, all bathed in the beautiful tropical climate that makes it an ideal paradise for beach breakers from all over the world. Whether you are desiring to wallow yourself in the golden warm sunrays on the white sandy secluded coves, or challenge yourself with the adventurous water sports activities, or savor the freshest seafood just caught by the local fishermen, Vietnam with the abundant beach collection will certainly suit your appetite. An overview of the most popular beaches around Vietnam will help you figure out where to choose your next beach destination when travelling to this tropical country.

Phu Quoc island – A perfect beach escape for couples, honeymooners, and LGBT travelers.

Best time to visit: August – April

Phu Quoc, the largest island of Vietnam– is also praised as the untouched ocean pearl sleeping off the South coast. Its soothing, crystal clear water and endless tranquil shore provides a wide range of fun water activities such as diving, snorkeling or fishing. Phu Quoc is home to a great collection of luxurious and hide-away resorts, as well as numerous budget yet charming small guesthouses and homestays. The biodiversity of Phu Quoc is sighted from hundreds types of marine creatures and colorful coral reefs to thousands of animal pieces living in the tropical forests scattering along the island. Thus, the options of trekking and bird watching are also something you would not miss out during your stay on the island.

A classic trip to Phu Quoc is suggested to be at least 3 nights to experience the beauty of this island. An extension to 5 nights is also recommended for sun-seekers.

Hoi An beach– A luxury destination for couples and families

Best time to visit: April – September

Most people remember Hoi An as an ancient town with charming walking streets, old tile roofed tailor shops, astonishingly unique architecture and bustling night life. But Hoi An has more to prove itself as an amazing stop for all kinds of travelers. Yes unarguably it is the stunning beach that has been attracting tourists to Hoi An for the past hundreds years. Hoi An beach is absolutely a friendly beach break destination no matter who you are and where you are from. Elderly tourists will find Hoi An beach a perfect place for relaxing, families will enjoy the beach here together with many interesting water sports, while gay travelers love Hoi An beach due to its tranquil atmosphere and fun night life.

If you wish to enjoy the sundrenched beach as much as you can, as well as explore the town and its rural villages, at least 3-night stay is suggested.

Nha Trang beach – The dynamic sleepless beach city for family and gay travelers.

Best time to visit: May – July

Nha Trang is renowned as a young developing beach city with high rising buildings, hideaway high class resorts, elegant restaurants serving delightful international cuisines and, most of all, the sweeping crescent beach dotted by numerous tropical islands and bay. The turquoise water in Nha Trang is blissfully calm and is perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, water ski or kite surfing. A tour to Nha Trang unquestionably should include cruising on speedboat to the surrounded islands where you can relax on the isolated beaches or enjoy the freshest seafood of the bay. The exotic beaches and the vivid nightlife surely make it a friendly hotspot which attracts a great number of LGBT travelers every year. As the restaurants wind down, the nightlife cranks up, makes Nha Trang a party town at heart. If you are looking for a hidden concept with extreme privacy, take a 30-minute cruise to Ninh Van Bay and hide yourself in the alluring Six Senses Ninh Van Bay or An Lam Reteta or L’Alyana Ninh Van Bay resort. Soaring mountains, dramatic rock formations, pristine beaches and gorgeous coastline are yours to enjoy.

Exciting travelers are recommended to spend 3 nights in Nha Trang city, or at least 4 nights if you wish to stay further in Ninh Van Bay or Amiana or Mia resorts.

Con Dao Island– Exclusive private island for couples and newlyweds

Best time to visit: November – May

Con Daothe most isolated island with enticing endless shoreline and fascinating marine life, is a truly flawless place for couples and newlyweds who are looking for absolute privacy and relaxing atmosphere. Con Son, the largest of this chain of 15 islands and islets, is ringed with lovely beaches, coral reefs and scenic bays, and remains partially covered in thick forests. Con Dao is where you should spend your honeymoon and celebrate your love to make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Leave behind all the noise of daily life and immerge yourself in the silky white sand and deep blue water, your mind will be refreshed among the natural beauty of warm sun and waving sea. If you are thinking of more active options on land, challenge yourself with hiking and trekking through the mountains and rainforest, admire the steep cliff looking over the vast ocean. Con Dao with untouched primitive marine life has attracted countless of divers from all over the world. The island is well known for the largest population of endangered sea turtle travelling from Philippines to Con Dao every year just to nest.

Honeymooners are advised to relax at least 4 – 5 nights in Con Dao, and the top resorts can be recommended is Poulo Condo or  Six Senses which will offer a touch to the nature during your stay.

Phan Thiet Beach – A warm embrace of sunshine and plenty of fun activities on offer.

Best time to visit: November to April

With just 4.5-hour driving away from Saigon, Phan Thiet is another idyllic option for beach lovers. The beach stretches on miles of white sand, accompanied by green lines of palm trees, and fringed with fun night clubs. You can expect to experience a wide range of active water sports when staying here, namely kitesurfing, wind surfing and sailing. Phan Thiet is also home to many charming resorts and tidy hostels which offer an extreme relaxing atmosphere and fine seafood restaurants, though prices are not really competitive comparing to Nha Trang. The bustling port city of Phan Thiet is traditionally known for its nuoc mam (fish sauce), producing millions of liters of the stinky stuff per annum. Besides the sunny beaches, you can visit some famous fishing harbor, try to row a bamboo basket boat and pick the freshest seafood just caught in the early morning.

Phan Thiet is suitable for those who is seeking for just relaxing on the beach. Otherwise, a maximum of 2 nights stay are recommended.

Summary chart of months for beach destinations

  • January: Phu Quoc, Con Dao
  • February: Phu Quoc, Con Dao
  • March: Phu Quoc, Con Dao
  • April: Phu Quoc, Hoi An, Con Dao
  • May: Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Nha Trang, Hoi An
  • June: Nha Trang, Hoi An
  • July: Nha Trang, Hoi An
  • August: Hoi An
  • September: Hoi An
  • October: Unfortunately this is not a great month for beach vacations
  • November: Phu Quoc, Con Dao
  • December: Phu Quoc, Con Dao



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