For the rights of Transgender in Vietnam – A long way to go

Vietnam has been viewed as one of the most progressive countries in Asia on LGBT rights. Everywhere around the country, both young people and their parents are calling for LGBT rights. The country itself has been sending mixed messages. For instance, it lifted a ban on same-sex marriage ceremonies in 2015, but the government has yet to offer gay couples real legal recognition.

Comparing to the others, transgenders are encountering more difficulties in being recognized by the community. Apart from the physical hurt after the sex reassignment surgeries, the transgenders also face the judgement from society, and the unequal treatment, such as low wages and working conditions. A majority of transgenders in Vietnam leave school early and struggle to make ends meet. They work as waitress, helpers, street vendors, or perform as street singers and dancers in weddings or funeral, and usually receive the disregard from people around. Many of them are denied by their own families and have to work flat out to earn money. In order to overcome all the difficulties, they usually gather into small groups, living together and taking care of each other. But they never lose their hope in life and never stop trying.

In Jan 2017, the newly amended Civil Code took effect, and for the first time Vietnam allows people who have undergone gender reassignment to register under the new gender. However, it is still a very long way for transgenders to be completely accepted and fair-treated by the society. In order to do this, they need help from the community, help from the activists who raise their voice to ask the legal rights of LGBTQ people.

Helping out our transgender community is not the job of any particular organizations, but the effort of the whole society in protecting them from discrimination and acquiring for their equal rights. Lambda Vacations is proud to be of the supporters for our LGBTQ community, and contribute a part of our profit in helping the poor transgenders in getting stable jobs and providing them more education opportunity. We can not cover them all, but we believe in a brighter future for LGBTQ if all of us keep moving forward in the right direction!



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