Vietnam most suggested Coffees and Bars

Together with hotels, the 2 biggest cities of Vietnam also offer a wide range of nightlife recreation with coffee shops and pubs specialized for LGBT community. You can choose to relax at a coffee shops owned by people from our community, or heat your night up at the lively music bar with dances and drinks!



A Small and basic coffee shop for local LGBT in Hanoi. This is great friendly place for LGBT community to meet and share their life experience.

Address: 36 Bui Ngoc Duong St


Very cozy and nice coffee shop, owned by a lesbian barista. This is great friendly place for LGBT community to meet and share their life experience.

Address: 2, Hao Nam St


Located close to the Old Quarter, COMGA offers a friendly environment to all LGBT persons. Com Ga used to be a typical “Rice chicken” restaurant serving up a nice selection of Hoi An style chicken dishes. Then it was turned into a combination cafe and restaurant with an LGBT community on the top floor. Friendly staff and the rainbow influence was a nice surprise.

Address: Conner of 1 Cửa Đông 58 Hàng Gà St


Established about 15 years ago, GC Bar is one of the first bar in old quarter. The bar offers a friend atmosphere and this is a great place for local and expat LGBT to come and meet together.

Variety of wine at reasonable price, good music

Address: 5, Bao Khanh St


The lounge is clean and comfy with a very nice bar and a colourful musical vibe to cheer everyone up and the red cube focuses on the music and gives all the room that the DJ and the dancers need to express themselves. The lounge has also the fantastic rooftop with a beautiful view.

Address: 112 Xuan Dieu st



No Stress was established with the primary aim of being a LGBT-friendly coffee shop. The location is pretty central, right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Situated in a rather quiet alley, the coffee shop is your shield, a protection against all the hassle, being “No Stress”.

Address: 245/4 Nguyen Trai St


New café & restaurant that serves delicious coffee, brunch, light meals and a variety of drinks in a gay-friendly atmosphere. The attractive interior décor attracts many LGBT customers, local and international.

Address: 50 Dong Du St


Owned by an American gay, Journeys Sandwich Café is a friendly place for local LGBT community. Come and enjoy the sandwich which is prepared at high standard.

Address: 21 Nguyen Van Trang


The café offers drinks and meal services. Around 8PM, the stage is busy by some local gay guys & their LGBT friends who come and share their singing skills.

Address: Cong Truong Quoc Te


Located inside the heat off walking street Bui Vien, Le Pub is a favorite hang-out place of LGBT community in Vietnam. This bar & nightclub (opened in 2004) has a fun, upbeat atmosphere, a chill-lout lounge and karaoke.

Address: 175/22 Pham Ngu Lao St


Whiskey & Wares is owned and operated by a two young American guys, attracting local and expert LGBT comminute

The bar serves a selection of whiskey, mixed drinks, Vietnamese-inspired cocktails with homemade ingredients, as well as a range of locally brewed craft beers – at reasonable prices.

Address: 196 De Tham St


This is a frequent place of LGBT community. The bar attracts a large gay crowd and gets busiest on the weekends

Address: Cong Truong Lam Son


This is a frequent place of LGBT community. Republic Lounge serves Asian fusion, Italian and Mexican food and features DJ and drag shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The bar attracts a large gay crowd and gets busiest on the weekends

Address: 63/201 Dong Du St